The Forgotten People

A short film about injustice, invisibility, inhumanity

In October, 2024 Craig travelled to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the world’s largest refugee camp with ovewr a million Rohingya refugees stranded in 34 different camps within just a 24 square kilometre area. One of the most densely populated places on earth and without proper sanitation, lighting, safety and security in which over half a million people are suffering from scabies, there are regular outbreaks of disease, gendered violence against women is endemic, the people have no work rights and little hope for the future. 

Seeking to return home to Myanmar, where they face genocide, the Rohingya are forced to remain in a human limbo where they have little resources to make a life, and where children are forced into labour to feed families struggling from the excessively low food rations as the international community forgets about the crisis.


One of the most heartbreaking situations on earth, an entire generation of kids are affected by the malnutrition with premature births and miscarriages common because of the lack of food to survive.

Human rights organisations are raising the alarm but, no one is listening.

The Rohingya are a forgotten people and Craig’s visit is a call to action for adequate funding, pressure on Myanmar to recognise the Rohingya and cease the atrocity crimes against them and for safe resettlement options for those most severely at risk.

Many of the refugees have been stuck in the camp for over 30 years.

Craig travelled to Bangladesh with Amnesty Australia with support from UNHCR and Medicin Sans Frontieres.