A campaign with Amnesty Australia to free all asylum seekers and refugees suffering through indefinite, offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru and locked up in APOD's (Alternate Places of Detention) in Australia in their 8th year of detention

In October, 2019, following the successful #SaveHakeem campaign to free a young, Bahraini refugee, Hakeem al-Araibi, Craig publicly committed to helping all asylum seekers and refugees indefinitely detained by the Australian Government on Manus Island and Nauru, at that time in their 7th year of incarceration
He travelled with Amnesty Australia to Port Moresby to see for himself the plight of those who’d suffered through 6 years on Manus Island, and were trapped in a legal limbo, waiting interminably of news as to whether they could go to the USA or would face more years without a safe home

He met with a number of refugees who had been languishing on Manus Island and later in Port Moresby for over 6 years and came away with a deeper understanding of the trauma caused by indefinite offshore detention and committed to helping free everyone both offshore, and those who’d travelled to Australia for medical treatment under the Medevac legislation, later repealed in 2020

The #GameOver campaign was launched in late 2019 and has gained the support of over 65,000 Australians including high profile athletes and legends such as former Diamonds Captain, Liz Ellis, rugby league legend, Benny Elias, AFL great, Paul Roos, the great Ian Chappell from cricket along with Lisa Sthalekar, and Socceroo Captains Paul wade, Frank Farina, Alex Tobin and Craig Moore along with artists, singers like Jimmy Barnes and actors such as Australian icon, Bryan Brown and football lover and great Australian, Anthony la Paglia

In 2021, over 50 refugees have finally been released from APOD’s and Immigration Detention Centres in Melbourne and Brisbane and the entire system of cruelty is quickly becoming untenable as Australia comes to understand, through the prominent voice of Craig and many other advocates and organisations, the amount of harm that has been caused to innocent human beings

There remain around 350 people detained for 8 years on Nauru, in Port Moresby and in APOD’s in Australia and Craig continues to work with legendary Australian (and NZ) names like the great Sonny Bill Williams to call on the Australian Government to accept the longstanding NZ offer to resettle 150 people per year from offshore and to free all those who came under Medevac as well as advocate for greater support and certainty for tens of thousands of people on temporary and Bridging visas in Australia